Friday, February 5, 2016

Just over a week down!

So we've been doing this for about a week now and my husband lost 6lbs and I only lost 2.6lbs.  I swear that loss was only because the weather was nice and I didn't wear my winter coat to my weigh in. At least it doesn't look like I gained anything.

This first week was so hard trying to figure out the point and the program.  It was complicated even more by the fact that we had a birthday to celebrate this past weekend so I had to figure out the best way to factor in ice cream cake and brownies along with going out to dinner. 

We figured the best way to do this was to switch the calculations over to the Simply Filling tracking on the days that we had to go out and eat out.   It worked out pretty good, tough I'm not quite sure we are doing it right.  We went to Wendy's and got a plain baked potato and chili which we figured would fall under the Simply Filling list.  Potato is on there as is all the ingredients I could figure would be in the chili.  I was surprised how filling a small chili and a baked potato could be.  When we went out to dinner I ordered steak and scallops but took some points off my weekly for butter and breading on the scallops.  I also took off my weekly for the sliver of ice cream cake and a small brownie.  After two days using the simply filling plan we were almost out of weekly points, I think I had 10 left, so we switched back to calculated/tracked points.

I discovered in my first week that I LOVE Tuesdays!!! My weekly points reset on Wednesday so I can eat good on Tuesdays.  We stopped out for breakfast on Tuesday and I spent a whooping 20 points on breakfast, but boy was it good.  Perogies with over medium eggs and satued onions, some home fries, and rye toast.  I ate a light lunch of deli meat and apple and had a 10 point dinner and dessert. 

This week we also discovered a new Jamaican restaurant.  So a beef patty was lunch and breakfast at 12 points and then jerk chicken 3 pts, rice and beans 7 pts (I only ate about a cup or half of what they gave me), plantains 1 pt and cabbage was dinner.  Oh how I've missed jerk chicken.....I haven't had it in forever. I could live off the stuff. 

For lunches at home we found these great Sargento Balanced Breaks at BJ's which are 7 points and are a great way to get some cheese and nuts.  I usually add some deli meat or jerky to that for a 9 point lunch. 

My new Fitbit should be here today so I can start tracking my Fit Points.  I still can't do a whole heck of a lot due to a car accident last year but it will help show me about where I stand before the pain is to much and hopefully help me work on getting better and more active. I miss being more active.

I'm looking for a list of 0 point foods so that when I go to the grocery store I know what to buy for snacks and what to stock up on.  So far I haven't been able to find one for the Smart Points. I might just have to work on making one myself.  If I do I'll post it or where I found it.  If you happen to know of one please feel free to comment below and let me know.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Start of a Journey

So I decided to start this blog.  After many attempts to lose weight, and different diets I figured this might help.  I need this.  I don't know if anyone will read it or if anyone will care but I need to be held accountable.  I need to do take control and finally do this.

I broke down today and signed up for Weight Watchers, along with my husband.  We stayed for our first meeting, which we felt went well.  Afterward we got an over view of the program and how it works. We ended up with so much literature to go though.

The very top little book of the stack seems to be the most important.  It is my "Success Story" or rather what I am hoping will be my success story.  In it there are some questions like what's your weight goal and such.  One question I wasn't expecting was the why you are doing this.  I thought that was always loose weight. Turns out it's more than that.

I want to do this to be healthier, happier and have some self confidence.  I NEED to do this for a bunch of health reasons; thyroid issues, sugar issues, to improve mental health and so much more.  I want to be healthy. I want to be here longer for my kids. I want to be able to do more thing, like run a full 5k and have more energy.  

I need to do this for my family and they are going to do it too, hubby and the kids.  Now we're not talking little kids we're talking teenagers. The kids doctor surprisingly is the one who recommended Weight Watcher and said it would be good for them to do it with us.  He said it would help them to learn to make smarter food choices and eat healthier. So this first week my husband and I will work to learn the program and the better kinds of foods to eat. Then we will give each kid a calculator and help them along.  They need to get healthy before they run into trouble.  

Good thing is I will not be doing this alone. We will go on this journey together and hopefully end up in a better place.